Struggling To Find Buyers and Sellers to represent?

Meet Builder Agent Academy.

Our Secret Sauce is Teaching Real Estate Agents our PEAK Method to Representing a Residential Home Builder.

Why become a Builder Agent?

Why You?

Why Now?

Builder Agent Academy

+ The PEAK Method℠

= Builder Agent℠

  • "1.2 million new construction homes to start in 2023"

  • Increased Income

  • Increased Listings

  • No more Buyer Agent Rat Race

  • Buyers Come to YOU! Save gas money

  • Freedom of Time

  • Flexibility

  • No Saturday/Sunday Work

  • Help builders increase their revenue

  • Low Overhead

  • No High Cost Lead Generation Company Involved


With 1.2 million new homes starting in 2023

builders need Real Estate Agents and Realtors®

to assist them with the demand.

It is the perfect time to gain the skills, scripts, templates, tools, techniques, knowledge and system to implement your Builder Agent℠ business right away!

If you don't change your strategy your income results won't change either. "Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity." H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

4 Steps to Find and Represent a Builder

Published Vision & Mission

Educate Client

Advance Team

Keys to

Raving Fans

Fast track in 4 weeks to a Builder Agent℠, using The PEAK Method℠,

a system that took 25 years of experience to create.

Pivot from Real Estate Agent to Builder Agent

Real Estate Agent: Builder Agent℠

  • Tired of spinning your wheels as a buying agent?

  • Tired of little to no listing opportunities?

  • Tired of high cost lead generation companies?

  • Tired of submitting multiple offers?

  • Tired of working on your buyer's schedule?

  • Tired of not enough Professional Service Income?
  • Buyers come to you, the listing agent

  • Increased listings outside of your SOI

  • Leads come to you, little to no cost overhead

  • You write the contract when buyer commits

  • No required Saturday or Sunday

  • Create 6 figure Professional Service Income

Frequently Asked Questions

-Why should I purchase The PEAK Method through Builder Agent Academy? Can't I simply grow my real estate business on my own?

Real Estate Agents are realizing everyday that "what got you here won't get you there." As a real estate agent, you have likely experienced some success in establishing and growing your business.

Working with a builder has a different set of parameters. You can't exclusively use the same resources as a listing and buying agent, while those are also a part of the foundation, there is more.

That's why Builder Agent Academy supports you with an experienced method and team to help you scale to your PEAK faster than you could on your own.

Successful people did not achieve their results alone. The smartest thing you can do for your business is to join our team of experts committed to your Agent Builder goals and the enhancement of your overall business and personal well-being.

-How can Builder Agent Academy possibly help my real estate business?

We understand the principles of leadership, team, leveraging resources, sales, marketing, and providing a service oriented method for a PEAK experience for home builders and buyers.

We specialize in scaling and multiplying your growth as a real estate agent. Your Builder Agent Academy experience will result in skills, knowledge, scripts, templates, resources, tools and confidence to start you on your path to a PEAK destination.

You will have all the tools to implement a Builder Agent business. The only variable is the effort you apply to the 4 step system. We will work closely with you to customize your strategic plan for an Agent Builder business, provide resources, and continue to guide you to make your PEAK vision a reality!

-Why now? With everything going on in the world, it's not a good time to expand.

This is precisely the time to expand your real estate business. The building industry is in demand nation wide and you cannot grow and scale alone. 1.2 million new homes are reported by to start in 2023.

There are more opportunities than ever, don't miss the train to doubling or tripling your income over the next couple of years. Our proven methods will quickly help you realize your untapped potential. The Builder Agent Academy is about working smarter, not harder.

When you come to understand the scope and breadth of the changes The PEAK Method can make in your real estate business and personal life, you'll wish you had started sooner.

You will take pride in your business and the the commitment you've made to strengthening your personal and business foundation.

Your real estate peers will be wishing they had taken action like you did!

-I already have a successful real estate business, why should I do this?

The current market is volatile with low inventory, high demand, multiple offers, cash buyers, changing rates, showing home after home with no luck for your client. Not to mention the ever growing number of real estate agents.

Now is a great time to expand your real estate business as a Builder Agent. Increase your knowledge and skill set with our proven PEAK Method to strengthen your business foundation and increase your annual income with an additional revenue stream.

Calling Builder Agent Academy an alliance is like calling a Lamborghini a car - while it's technically correct, it's still a considerable understatement. Only The PEAK Method offers you access to a proven system with the tools to establish you as a Builder Agent expert earning an additional 6 figure income (Results vary from agent to agent and are based on input and market area).

-What if I don't have the time to dedicate to growing my business, making more profit and increasing my personal time?

If you are worried you don't have time, consider that even more reason to become a Builder Agent. We actually help you get your time and your life back!

A successful company is one that isn't completely dependent on you, the agent, for its success. We help you shift to focusing on the details of building your business, completing sales and not all the client conversations, administrative details, marketing, etc that eat up so much time.

You deserve the time saving, life saving strategies and support that Builder Agent Academy can provide. You deserve a balanced lifestyle.

Our foundation is rooted in creating a business that fosters FREEDOM, WEALTH, & IMPACT.

-What is the investment for the Builder Agent training?

Our members often multiply their investment with ROI in significantly greater revenue, profits, happiness, quality of life and more once committed to our PEAK Method training.

This includes the program to learn the information and knowledge that will turn into skills with access to scripts, templates, tools, techniques, and a proven system. Likely with one contract you will double your investment.

When properly applied The PEAK Method greatly increases your potential to earn 6 figures in a couple of years. Thinking about cutting your losses with real estate and going to get a traditional degree? reports, "Considering lost income and loan interest, the ultimate price of the average bachelor’s degree may be as high as $400,000."

The average income for a college graduate with a 4 year degree is $55k for 2020 graduates, according to National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

Plus, most of the college professors haven't ever worked in the industry so you spend another few years actually learning how to be successful in your chosen field. An investment in yourself can result in a potential six figure or greater income.

If you apply the PEAK Method, you will get faster results than I did. Plus the added bonus of flexibility and freedom once your Builder Agent business foundation is in place.

-Can I really do this?

The hardest part of of any change in our lives is taking the first step!

Figuring out the steps to growing and scaling a Builder Agent business alone could take you 5 - 25 years, pending on who you are and your current skill set.

People often feel that asking for help is a weakness when it is really a sign of strength. When you have the support around you and clear-cut direction on a consistent basis, you can accomplish anything.

If you are making 5 figures and want to make 6 figures, we can help you soar to the next level, blow past the mental and strategic roadblocks that stunt your personal and financial growth....yes, you can and you were led to this moment for a reason, it is your time!

-Where can I learn more about The PEAK Method so I can become a Builder Agent, learn to earn 6 figures, and create a business that gives me my best life?

Click below to sign up for our next class. When you look in the rear view mirror you will be so happy you did!

Meet Builder Agent Academy Founder

Lacy J. Hardman, Broker, Realtor®, Upcoming Best Selling Author

She loves spending time with her family, her husband, two toddlers and her three step daughters.

Through Lacy's creation of The PEAK Method℠ they are able to enjoy freedom and wealth. Which allows them to impact individuals, families, corporate groups, non-profit groups, and youth groups at their retreat. They are building the Swell Retreat to offer an experience focused on principles of success and creating lasting memories through recreation, in Castle Dale, Utah, adjacent to the San Rafael Swell recreation area. Lacy’s foundation in her personal and professional life

is rooted in the gospel as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Lacy is a decorated AIRBORNE combat veteran with a combat action badge and a bronze star.

She started in the trenches as a private, earned a bachelor degree from the University of Utah and

became a commissioned US Army Captain over the course of 14 years.

She deployed once to Afghanistan and twice to Iraq. She was invited to serve as a Company Commander responsible to train and deploy US Soldiers to Iraq and successfully accomplish their wartime mission.

As a Logistician she put systems into place to ensure 100s of missions for thousands of Soldiers were executed as smoothly as possible. Her passion in the military was delving into the details of plans and refining systems that allowed Soldier's to be properly trained and resourced, which led to exemplary mission performance.

Lacy's method turns Real Estate Agents into Builder Agents℠ in 4 steps. This course will teach you the secrets to earn 6 figures annually. One of the four steps will help you create a team operated business that positively impacts the lives of many.

Lacy created the Builder Agent Academy℠ and The PEAK Method℠ to help other Real Estate Agents have the skills, confidence and a business platform shaped for enjoying Freedom, Wealth, and Impact.

Lacy was recently interviewed and selected to be in the 2022 Top 100 People in Real Estate Magazine.

Most Innovative Leaders 2022.

30 Most Inspiring Leaders to Watch 2022.

She has received many awards in her six years as a Realtor® and amongst them are Top Producer 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022, Realtor® of the Year 2019 & 2022, and Top Producing Team with her husband, Ben Hardman, in 2020 & 2021.

She was elected to serve as the Tooele county Association of Realtors® President for 2022, elected to serve on the Executive Leadership Team through 2023, and served as a Director on the Utah Association of Realtors® Board 2021 & 2022.

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